Start-Up Chile

I’ve been thinking a lot about Start-Up Chile. For those that don’t know, the basics of Start-Up Chile are: you bring your start-up to Chile for six months, you receive a work visa and some capital, and you grow your business. There is no equity given up. Your main obligation is participation in some mentorship events.

On the surface this looks like the Chilean government spending a lot of money to get basic entrepreneurial training for a small number of it’s citizens. But I think Chilean entrepreneurs get something much more valuable. They get a chance to rapidly grow their network.

If you are an entrepreneur in Chile you would be insane to not participate in Start-Up Chile. Every six months a fresh batch of one hundred globally-minded (and brave!) founders are shipped into the country to meet you. The connections made attending events like this would be invaluable to your career and any of your future entrepreneurial pursuits.

I just hope the Chilean government sees the value of Start-Up Chile and doesn’t kill it before I get a chance to participate.